Inwood History

Prehistoric Inwood: Mastodons in Our Midst

Inwood New York City Mastodon

In warm weather the Dyckman Strip is a lively scene replete with music, the clink of cocktail glasses, laughter and animated conversation.  As brunch winds down, the crowd migrates west to the marina, on the banks of the Hudson River, to marvel at the view—a nearly unblemished vista that has changed little since Henry Hudson […]

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1916: Illustrated Inwood

Inwood 1916 Dyckman House

In 1916 popular newspaper illustrator Herb Roth visited the Inwood region.  While there he sketched the Dyckman farmhouse and other familiar landmarks. Below are the sketches from Roth’s visit as well as the accompanying text. The Pittsburgh Press The Sunday Illustrated Magazine July 2, 1916 Manhattan As It WAS—and Still IS “How many, even native […]

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New York Velodrome

Orlando Piani

On 225th Street near the Harlem River, roughly where the Target department store sits today, once stood one of the great Gotham sporting venues of the 1920’s, the New York Velodrome. When the Velodrome opened May 30th, 1922 the quarter-million-dollar bike track, built to hold 16,000 fan, was packed. The rabid fans were out in […]

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Inwood in Aviation History

Pilot Glenn Curtiss

“I was near Inwood-on-the-Hudson when I noticed a tiny speck in the air far up the Hudson. It was coming like the Twentieth Century Limited, and I knew right away that it was Curtiss. On it came, all the time getting bigger and bigger, and off Riverdale I begun to hear the whirring of propellers. […]

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“The Acapulco Divers of the Spuyten Duyvil” : An Oral History with Former Inwood Resident Mike Boland

Columbia C on Spuyten Duyvil

Former Inwood resident Mike Boland recalls cliff diving into the Spuyten Duyvil:

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Inwood: Heavy Industry

Thumbnail image for Inwood: Heavy Industry

Passing through the lush parks and tree-lined streets of Inwood it is hard to imagine that the area was once home to heavy industry. But, for most of Inwood’s modern history, the air was choked with smoke and soot. Huge coal burning furnaces once powered foundries, generated electricity and incinerated garbage. “I well remember the […]

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Edward van Sloan: The Vampire Slayer of Seaman Avenue

Thumbnail image for Edward van Sloan: The Vampire Slayer of Seaman Avenue

If current Inwood residents were transported back to the 1930’s they might find the area a bit strange, if not spooky.  Ramshackle homes and ancient mansions stood next to newly constructed apartment houses.  An “Indian Princess” held court beneath a dying tulip tree in Inwood Hill Park.   The hulking remains of long abandoned asylums still […]

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Inwood on Canvas: Two Centuries of Art

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For more than a century artists have visited Manhattan’s northern end to sketch, paint and photograph. Today artistic interpretations of Inwood Hill Park, the Spuyten Duyvil, the Harlem River, and the ever-popular Dyckman Farmhouse, grace the walls of museums throughout the world. Remarkably, in an ever-changing Manhattan, many of these spectacular views can still be […]

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