Inwood History

Inwood Apartment Rentals in 1936

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As many of you know, I both sell and rent apartments in the Inwood area.  So it was a true joy to come across the following article describing the Inwood rental scene of 1936. I am intimately familiar with many of the buildings described below.  Many are still rental properties.  Others have gone co-op through […]

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The Greening of Inwood: The Children’s Garden of P.S. 52

Inwood farming

Inwood boomed with the thump of heavy equipment at the dawn of 1905.  The newly arrived elevated subway had ushered in unprecedented development. Apartment houses were erected at a dizzying pace. The chaotic environment grated one’s nerves. Early residents, lured  uptown with hollow promises of “Country Quiet and Pure Air,” found themselves living amid a […]

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Inwood’s 215th Street Incinerator Smokestacks

Inwood Department of Sanitation on 215th Street

“When the Mayor of New York dedicated the new incinerator at 215th Street and Ninth Avenue a little while ago, he said plainly that he didn’t like it. Perhaps he was justified in his opinion of it as a piece of sanitary engineering, but when he went on to say that it looked ungainly and […]

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Inwood’s Hurst House: Then and Now

William H. Hurst

In 1912 an Irish architect named James O’Connor constructed a beautiful brick home on Park Terrace East and 215th Street. While O’Connor would later go on to design “Great Gatsby” style playhouse homes for wealthy clients, this particular design had children in mind. Lots of children. William H. Hurst, the President of the New York […]

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Inwood Hill Park: Historical Timeline

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Inwood Hill is a 196-acre park located on the northern tip of Manhattan.  The words “wild” and “untamed” are often used to describe the meandering trails, caves, cliffs and otherworldly geological formations that together make Inwood Hill so unique. The history of Inwood Hill, like that of the surrounding city, is fascinating and can be […]

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The Veitch Collection: Inwood Photographs Rediscovered

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Sometime in the mid-1800′s grocer Robert Veitch opened a general store beside the railroad tracks in a sparsely inhabited region of northern Manhattan known then as Tubby Hook. Veitch’s dry goods store would become the center of commerce, news and gossip in the little hamlet now known as Inwood. The imposing brick building that housed […]

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The Story of Mount Washington: AKA Inwood Hill

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In 1840 a Scotch Irish builder by the name of Samuel Thomson bought a huge tract of woodland on the northern end of Manhattan.  Thomson christened his new estate “Mount Washington” in honor of what had been a Revolutionary War outpost.  On the property, today known as Inwood Hill, Thomson and his wife Ann, would […]

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4930 Broadway: An Inwood Storefront

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Recently, a neighbor asked me to research the southeast corner of Broadway and 207th Street (4930 Broadway).   She was curious what businesses had occupied the corner through the years. Unsure, I posed the question to some longtime Inwood residents via social media.  The responses were so chock full of history that I’ve decided to post […]

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