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Portrait of a Monster

Portrait of a Monster by Cole Thompson and Lisa Pulitzer

For much of the past year while writing histories of Northern Manhattan, and co-hosting History night at the Indian Road Cafe, I’ve also been working on a true crime book based on the case of Joran van der Sloot. Van der Sloot, you might remember, remains a suspect in the May 30, 2005 disappearance of […]

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The Black Horse Tavern

The old black Horse Tavern in Inwood, New York.

In a very literal sense, Tubby Hook is where Inwood began and,  for nearly a century,  the Black Horse Tavern was the heart and soul of Tubby Hook. The famous tavern and boarding house  located not far from the original Mount Washington Church, near where today Broadway, Dyckman Street and Riverside Drive intersect. The following […]

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Inwood Snow Day

Snow day in Inwood, New York City

Frightful or delightful; it all depended on one’s mindset as a fierce March snowstorm with gusting winds battered the East Coast this morning. But judging from this video, it was a “Zippity-Do-Dah” snow day in Inwood…

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Park Terrace Gardens

Cupolas of Seaman Mansion, now the site of Park Terrace Gardens in Inwood, New York

Life on the top of the hill has distinct advantages for the residents of Park Terrace Gardens. Built in 1940, the five-building complex is called the “Gardens” for a reason; the entire center of the block is a lovingly landscaped private garden, with much of the planting done by a team of resident volunteers. This […]

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