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Buried beneath layers of time and development lies another Inwood…an Inwood inhabited by Indians, Dutchmen, Hessians, captains of industry and hardscrabble Irish immigrants. If every picture tells a story, then this is the story of…


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ed clarke February 20, 2014 at 12:13 pm

My father Ed Clarke lived at 1 Post ave and my mom Theresa Hahn lived at 174 Nagle they got married and moved to 170 Nagle ave.
My father was a bartender at Barone’s with Lou Nardi the owner…the restaurant had the best baked ziti. My mother worked in Carter’s on Dyckman for years. I remember Abe’s newsstand at the corner of Nagle/Dyckman; Regina’s, John’s bargain store Loew’s and Alpine move theaters and of course Dave’s candy store right around the corner from Joe the shoemaker. Schilliman’s ice cream had the best burgers and shakes. Joan and Carol’s candy/card store……….Carol just died in 2013.

My sister Barbara, me (Ed) and my brother Gary all went to OLQM….I went to Power Memorial and my brother went to sister went to Sacred Heart of Mary up on 215th st. My brother Gary moved to Vegas where he was murdered by his roommate; and my father passed away back in 2000.

Our best friends were the McGirr’s who also lived at 170 Nagle ave….it was a great place to live and I miss all the memories and folks from the 60′s and 70′s.

I married now in live in Midland Park, NJ and my Barbara Morrison and my mom now live in Riverdale.

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