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IMG_4127smallerCertainly not for those who live and play in New York City’s greatest neighborhood. Welcome to the newly redesigned MyInwood.net. I hope you like the look and feel of this new home to Inwood’s secrets and treasures. Why the dog? Lets just say you’re gonna be able to sniff through this historical record easier than Billy tracks a squirrel.

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Dyckman Farmhouse

Built by William Dyckman in approximately 1784, this farmhouse was once the center of a thriving farm more than 250 acres in size. Dyckman...
Seeley cottage

Wonderful 1921 account of life inside the Inwood community written by New York Tribune reporter Eleanor Booth Simmons.


PS 52 Science Fair, Inwood, NYC

In this article from a 1928 edition of the New York Sun we watch as the students of P.S. 52 learn about ecology.


Grenville Hall 5000 Broadway Inwood

Near the beginning of 1913 a truly modern apartment building opened for business on Broadway across the street from Isham Park. Located at 5,000 Broadway, Grenville Hall was, at the time, the largest elevator building in northern Manhattan.

Dining & Drinking

Inwood Pharmacy

With car services, dry cleaners and top notch wine outlets, Inwood has all the conveniences and luxuries of downtown.  We're also a ten minute...


Park Terrace Gardens

Life on the top of the hill has distinct advantages for the residents of Park Terrace Gardens. Built in 1940, the five-building complex is...



In 2013 the Oxford English Dictionary officially recognized the word “selfie”, but as early as 1913 Inwood photographer William Davis Hassler was perfecting the technique.

Inwood People


This latest installment of MyInwood Memories comes from frequent reader and contributor Herb Maruska. Herb, who now lives in Florida, grew up in Inwood...