With new restaurants moving into the neighborhood on a regular basis, the Inwood dining scene gets better every day.  Whether you are starting your day off with a fresh cup of coffee from the Indian Road Cafe or ending your night with a brick oven pizza from Grandpa’s,  Inwood has something for every taste and budget.  Below are just a few “tastes of Inwood.”  Below are a few of my favorites.  Happy dining.

Amy’s Restaurant ($)
Chinese takeout at affordable prices
586 West 207th Street
Between Vermilyea Ave & Broadway
Phone: 212-567-3175

Anchor Heights ($$)
Wonderful Italian fare, nice atmosphere and thoughtful wine list…what’s not to like?
575 West 207th Street @ Vermilyea Avenue
(646) 895-9686

Beans and Vines ($$)
Dark wood & exposed brick accent this cozy choice for New American eats, wine & coffee drinks.
44799 Broadway
Phone: (646) 928-0209

Bocadito’s Bistro ($$)
Cheese plates, pastries and bigger bites like sirloin au poivre.
4863 Broadway
(646) 649-4212

Cachapas y Mas
For the uninitiated, a cachapas is a traditional Venezuelan sandwich. Delicate pieces of pork, or just about any topping you like, are piled into an enormous corn pancake with a host of different ingredients. The result is a mouthwatering tower of food with a six dollar price tag. The friendly staff also cooks other traditional Venezuelan favorites including empanadas, tacuchos, patacones and arepas.
Location: 107 B Dyckman Street (near 10th Ave)
New York, NY 10034

Cumin ($)
This Indian restaurant is not even in Inwood, but they do deliver. I include it only because Inwood does not yet have its own Indian restaurant and this Riverdale establishment promises curry in a hurry.
3549 Johnson Avenue
Riverdale,New York
Phone: 718-432-2481
Free Delivery

Buunni Coffee ($)
Bohemian coffee bar serving Ethiopian brews & other beverages along with sweet & savory baked goods.
4961 Broadway

Dichter’s Pharmacy ($)
Everything old is new again thanks to the vision of owner Manny Ramirez who put the lunch-counter back in the Inwood apothecary scene. Dive into an egg cream, order a scoop of delectable ice cream or nosh on an old school pastrami–all while getting your prescription filled.
Phone: 212-569-1230
4953 Broadway between 207th Street and Isham Street

Domino’s Pizza ($)
4797 Broadway
Phone: 212-567-8600

El Tina ($)
The fried fish plates and soups at this lunch counter style restaurant look tempting, but the real draw is the fish market attached to the restaurant. The fish and shrimp are fresh and inexpensive. It’s also just about only place in the neighborhood to buy fresh seafood.
500 West 207th Street (Between Post and 10th Avenue).
Phone: 212-567-5031

Garden Cafe ($$)
Pastas, sandwiches, wine and beer with outdoor patio seating
4961 Broadway
Between 207th & Isham
Phone: 212-544-9480

Grandpa’s Brick Oven Pizza ($)
Pizza and other Italian favorites
4973 Broadway @ 211th St
Phone: 212-304-1185

Guadalupe ($$$)
Latin American/Mexican dishes with an incredible tequila selection
597 West 207th Street
Between Broadway & Vermilyea Avenue
Phone: 212-304-1083

Il Sole($$$)
Pastas and other traditional Italian favorites
233 Dyckman Street @ Seaman Ave
Phone: 212-544-0406

Indian Road Cafe ($$)
Bistro, coffee and wine bar
600 W 218th Street between Indian Road & Seaman Avenue
Phone: 212-942-7451

International Food House
Restaurant and buffet featuring mofongos, Cuban sandwiches, arroz con pollo and other hearty international fare.
217 Dyckman Street & Broadway
Phone: 212-942-5656
Open 24 hours a day

Inwood Gourmet
Inwood’s own gourmet shop. Cheese, olive oil, spinach pies and much, much more…
95 Cooper Street (Between 207th Street and Isham)
Phone: 646-649-2627

Inwood Local
Wine bar and beer garden with any eclectic array of appetizers and entrees.
4957 Broadway (Between 207th Street and Isham)

La Nueva Espana($$)
Top notch rotisserie chicken at this no nonsense Latin American eatery
606 West 207th Street
Between Broadway & Vermilyea Ave
Phone: 212-567-0500

Mamajuana Cafe ($$$)
Latin American fusion and cocktail lounge.
247 Dyckman Street
Between Payson & Seaman Ave
Phone: 212-304-1217

Mama Sushi ($$)
Mamajuana’s sushi cousin. This new Inwood haunt features traditional sushi alongside such fusion specialty rolls as “El Campesino and the “Boca Chica.”
237 Dyckman
Phone: 212-544-0003
Delivery from 12:00pm-10:00pm

Parkview Restaurant ($$)
With a fully menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner, this upscale diner is a super location to dine while watching the action on the Dyckman Strip. Welcome back my friends. I’ve missed you!
Phone: 212-544-9024
Location: 219 Dyckman Street between Broadway and Seaman Avenue

Palace Pizza($)
This 60 year old pie palace is one of my favorite pizza joints in the neighborhood. The slices are huge, cheesy and satisfying. They don’t deliver, but its worth the walk because these guys know pizza.
121 Dyckman near Post Avenue
Phone: 212-576-9588

Papasito Mexican Grill & Agave Bar
Chips and salsa, guacamole, pico de gallo, sangria, tequila, shrimp, steak, tacos, more tequila. It’s a fiesta every night at Papasito’s.
223 Dyckman St (between Broadway & Riverside Drive)
(212) 544-0001

Pizza Haven ($)
Your basic pizzeria.
4942 Broadway @ 207th Street
Phone: 212-569-3720

Tryon Public House ($$)
American gastropub with nice selection of craft beers and delicious pub fare.
Phone: (646) 918-7129
4740 Broadway between Dyckman and Thayer

Tubby Hook Tavern($)
Simple pub style food in a bar environment. Great burgers
Broadway @ 207th Street

Yummy Thai ($$)
4959 Broadway (at 207th Street)
Standard Thai fare like you’d expect to find in Midtown. Yummy Thai is clean, friendly and reasonably priced.

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  1. This is a great resource, not only to those who are looking for an apartment, but to anyone interested in Inwood and its history.
    Thank you

  2. iam looking for a cocktail lounge used as a location of preston lopez,cable show,on bcat,it was a latin lounge,in washington heights,any help will be appreciated.thanks.

  3. today being july 4th always brings me back to dyckman street because it was on this day in 1962 on this street that i first saw and met my future and still adorable wife – she had just come out of shillingman’s and i was headed to moe’s to purchase a top for a game of crack-top. our eyes locked for a moment and she gave me that furtive glance. it wasn’t until about three months later that we met again this time for good – ahhh! to think it all began so long ago…

  4. Lets also mention on 187th St, Kismat Indian resturant is excellent – Angela’s (Vicki’s) Coffee Shop is great, in Fort Tryon,New Leaf is great but pricey.
    What happened to the Bistro on Broadway that became Bistro Marrakech and closed recently? I moved to Inwood from Washington Heights 9 months ago and its the best thing I ever did!!!

  5. Hi Ho was very large on the north side of Dyckman near the corner of Vermilyea. The place we went was closer to Broadway called Min Ju. It was smaller. We used to joke that we were going to eat at the Jewish Chinese place. School special when we went to PS 52 was 50 cents for soup, entree, rice, ice cream and a pot of tea. It was right near the subway entrance and the newstand.

  6. Does anyone remember the The Nashburger at Nash’e coffee shop on Dyckman ?
    Or what about Trachmans Deli -207th and Vemilyea- a great Pastrami or Corned Beef sandwich for $.55 !
    Remember going into the Capital on Broadway during the hot summer and getting 2 burgers,a 12 oz. Pepsi and Fries from Alice all for a $ 1..
    Those were the days !

    • We used to eat at Nash’s after our dental appointments (Dr Samuel Glashow) across Dyckman in an old 2 story green building. I don’t recall the burgers being called Nashburgers but I can tell you that Nash’s had the greatest aroma when you stepped inside. I believe that their baked goods/desserts were in the front of the restaurant and that was probably the source. In the past 60 years nothing has equaled it and I only wish I could have bottled it. And the burgers were quite good too!

  7. This discussion of old-time chinese restaurants on Dyckman brings to my mind the place I used to haunt in the late early 80s, La Gran Via. It was cuban-chinese and may have occupied the premises of Hi-Ho or Min-Ju. I was on the north side of the street and maybe 3 or 4 buildings to the east of Bway. It was here that I had my first taste of mofongo (if you have to ask, you don’t want to know) and became addicted to the roast pork (pernil), a mound of carne that came drenched with oily garlic and accompanied by the perfect platanos and rice and beans, laid out on a plate divided into 3 sections, like I used to eat off of as a toddler. Oh yeah, by the way, it cost something like $2.98. I never had any reason to sample the chinese portion of the menu, since I had lost interest in old-time cantonese even at that date, but I bet it wasn’t bad.

    I think it must have closed up by the 90s. I recall that there was a Carvel just to the west. I can’t recall when they closed up shop. Maybe around the time that the Dyckman St. Woolworths and the Alpine movie palace also bit the dust.

  8. My grandfather owned a butcher shop on Broadway between Academy st. and the block south of it. What is on that block now? I moved from Seaman Ave. in 1962 after graduating from George Washington H.S. that year. Curious to know what the old neighborhood is like. Thanks

  9. I noticed Michael Merlis’s comment. I remember his grandfather. We used to call him Uncle Ben. My maiden name was Daly and our family lived in 80 Seaman along with the Merlis family and other great people. Happy to hear the neighborhood is revitalizing.

  10. […] 2) Wine and dine on the Dyckman Strip. From crispy fish tacos at Mamajuanas to bangers and mash at the new Tryon Public house, there’s something for everyone. The strip is also a great place to people watch—especially when the weather heats up. (More neighborhood dining options here.) […]


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