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1928, Construction on 207th Street train yardBuried beneath layers of time and development lies another Inwood…an Inwood inhabited by Indians, Dutchmen, Hessians, captains of industry and hardscrabble Irish immigrants. Welcome to MyInwood.net.  A site dedicated to Inwood’s historic secrets and treasures. Pull up a chair and read for a spell.  I hope you enjoy this magical history tour.

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Isham Park entrance in 1918

Isham Park officially opened on September 28, 1912 and has provided a peaceful surrounding for generations of New Yorkers.
Bolton and Calver digging in Inwood.

Update: Less than 24 hours after this post went on-line, Jennifer Hoppa, Administrator Northern Manhattan Parks, sent the following email: "The Capital Contractor was directed to...


Inwood hill park Indian Caves

On the northern tip of Manhattan, a twenty-minute walk from the subway,  is an historical site so rare and unexpected that it warrants a...


University Heights Bridge

Bottles, cans, Christmas trees...you name it. It all gets recycled in the Big Apple. But did you know near the turn of the century the City of New York recycled the old Broadway Bridge on the northern tip of Manhattan?

Dining & Drinking


Join us on May 3rd at 7:30 at the Indian Road Cafe for a never before seen look into Inwood's historic Hurst home.


Bruce's Garden

This garden honors the memory of Bruce Reynolds, a Port Authority Police Officer, who sacrificed his life so that others might live on September 11, 2001.


1908 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Inwood's Public School 52. An historic poem celebrated the occasion.

Inwood People

Original caption: 6/2/1917-"Somewhere in New York City," just a few blocks from the upper boundary, to be exact, the Inwood Community Garden Association is cultivating a stretch of ground, composed of 60 lots, each 20 by 40 feet, in persuance of President Wilson's recent call to the people to raise their own food. This photo shows Japanese people working on one of the plots. The man is Dr. Minosuke Yamaguchi and the rest are Mrs. H. Muroyama and her family. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The history of Japanese immigrants who settled the Inwood region in the years surrounding World War I.