History Waits For No One.

IMG_4127smallerCertainly not for those who live and play in New York City’s greatest neighborhood. Welcome to the newly redesigned MyInwood.net. I hope you like the look and feel of this new home to Inwood’s secrets and treasures. Why the dog? Lets just say you’re gonna be able to sniff through this historical record easier than Billy tracks a squirrel.

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Glenn Curtiss

On May 29th, 2010 the children of Inwood gathered in Isham Park to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Glenn "The Birdman" Curtiss' historic flight from Albany to New York City. He landed right here in Isham Park.

In 1933 a bizarre trinity of adventure, history and poetry converged in Inwood Hill Park to celebrate the majesty of Inwood's fabled tulip tree....


Bond Bread

According to a 1936 newspaper advertisement for Bond Bread, the family of William LaMorte, lived in a home located at 532 West 215th Street, currently the site of Inwood's Northeastern Academy.


The curved pink walls, ornately inlaid floors, polished steel doors and aquatic details are reminiscent of tropical ocean liners. Whimsical fish that decorate a light fixture, designed to look like a ship's portal, complete the motif.

Dining & Drinking

Inwood Pharmacy

With car services, dry cleaners and top notch wine outlets, Inwood has all the conveniences and luxuries of downtown.  We're also a ten minute...


Dyckman Farmhouse

Built by William Dyckman in approximately 1784, this farmhouse was once the center of a thriving farm more than 250 acres in size. Dyckman...


Spuyten Duyvil

For more than a century artists have visited Manhattan's northern end to sketch, paint and photograph. Today artistic interpretations of Inwood Hill Park, the...

Inwood People


Former Inwood resident Mike Boland on video describing a terrifying leap off the Columbia C rock into the Spuyten Duyvil in New York City.