History Waits For No One.

IMG_4127smallerCertainly not for those who live and play in New York City’s greatest neighborhood. Welcome to the newly redesigned MyInwood.net. I hope you like the look and feel of this new home to Inwood’s secrets and treasures. Why the dog? Lets just say you’re gonna be able to sniff through this historical record easier than Billy tracks a squirrel.

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Glenn Curtiss

On May 29th, 2010 the children of Inwood gathered in Isham Park to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Glenn "The Birdman" Curtiss' historic flight from Albany to New York City. He landed right here in Isham Park.
Hawk in Isham Park, Inwood

2012 video of a hawk in Isham Park in Inwood, NYC.


Black Horse Tavern

History of northern Manhattan's Black Horse Tavern whose motto was "Entertainment for Man and Beast."


Sherman Creek Power Generating Station

Swindler Cove once sat in the shadow an eight-story, 62,000 square-foot, coal-burning power station whose roar could be heard throughout Inwood.

Dining & Drinking

Inwood Pharmacy

With car services, dry cleaners and top notch wine outlets, Inwood has all the conveniences and luxuries of downtown.  We're also a ten minute...


1932 Charlotte Livingston watercolor shows the Inwood Pottery Works to far right of frame. (Collection of Cole Thompson)

The following account, published about Inwood a century ago, lays bare early fears —a fear of outsiders treading on this beloved “forbidden territory.”



In 2013 the Oxford English Dictionary officially recognized the word “selfie”, but as early as 1913 Inwood photographer William Davis Hassler was perfecting the technique.

Inwood People

Vermilyea Avenue in 1965 from Herb Maruska

Frequent MyInwood contributer Herb Maruska grew up in Inwood. His memories of post World War II Inwood are as detailed as they are fascinating. This time around Herb takes us into the kitchens, basement and furnace of his childhood home located in 157-159 Vermilyea. He calls this piece "Coal and Soap."