History Waits For No One.

IMG_4127smallerCertainly not for those who live and play in New York City’s greatest neighborhood. Welcome to the newly redesigned MyInwood.net. I hope you like the look and feel of this new home to Inwood’s secrets and treasures. Why the dog? Lets just say you’re gonna be able to sniff through this historical record easier than Billy tracks a squirrel.

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Cows on Inwood Hill

Inwood Hill is a 196-acre park located on the northern tip of Manhattan. The words “wild” and “untamed” are often used to describe the meandering trails, caves, cliffs and otherworldly geological formations that together make Inwood Hill so unique.
Glenn Curtiss

On May 29th, 2010 the children of Inwood gathered in Isham Park to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Glenn "The Birdman" Curtiss' historic flight from Albany to New York City. He landed right here in Isham Park.


Harlem River Houseboat 1937

“Of course there are other houseboat colonies around Manhattan. There is a large one down the Harlem only a little way from Inwood with handsomer boats, perhaps, or more pretentious ones that are to be seen along the little cove, but what they lack is Inwood, a perfect background, majestic and colorful.”


215th Street Stairs

Generations of Inwood residents have trudged up and down the familiar stairs which connect Broadway with Park Terrace East. The steps themselves have stood frozen in time as the surrounding neighborhood reached maturity.

Dining & Drinking

Indian Road Cafe

With new restaurants moving into the neighborhood on a regular basis, the Inwood dining scene gets better every day. Whether you are starting your day off with a fresh cup of coffee from the Indian Road Cafe or ending your night with a brick oven pizza from Grandpa's, Inwood has something for every taste and budget.


Good Shepherd in 1925, Inwood

Reverend John J.Hughes, the national father superior of the Paulist Fathers, told a spellbound audience that, within weeks, work would commence on a temporary wooden church, capable of seating some one thousand parishioners. The church, he announced, would be named the Church of the Good Shepherd.



In 2013 the Oxford English Dictionary officially recognized the word “selfie”, but as early as 1913 Inwood photographer William Davis Hassler was perfecting the technique.

Inwood People

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