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1928, Construction on 207th Street train yardBuried beneath layers of time and development lies another Inwood…an Inwood inhabited by Indians, Dutchmen, Hessians, captains of industry and hardscrabble Irish immigrants. Welcome to MyInwood.net.  A site dedicated to Inwood’s historic secrets and treasures. Pull up a chair and read for a spell.  I hope you enjoy this magical history tour.

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Virginia Ornmark "Gun Girl and Gunman." Photograph by Weegee, Getty Image

The true gangster tale of West 207th Street Mob Moll Virginia Ornmark, Member of the Shortsleeve Gang.
Detail from 1819 Randel Farm Map. Note Tubby Hook featured in upper right.

Uptown History: In 1864 "Tubby Hook" became "Inwood"

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Seaman Mansion and arch near the turn of the century.

The following description from 1869 finds the home occupied by its original inhabitants, Mr. John Seaman and his wife Ann. This slice of life shows a happy couple surrounded by fine art and sculpted gardens entertaining admiring friends in the mansion they lovingly called “Mount Olympus.”


Advertisements for Park Terrace Gardens, Inwood's "loveliest garden community," that appeared in the New York Times and the New York Tribune from 1939-1941.

Dining & Drinking

Indian Road Cafe

With new restaurants moving into the neighborhood on a regular basis, the Inwood dining scene gets better every day. Whether you are starting your day off with a fresh cup of coffee from the Indian Road Cafe or ending your night with a brick oven pizza from Grandpa's, Inwood has something for every taste and budget.


Isham Home by William Hassler circa 1912-1915

In 1862 a businessman named William Bradley Isham rented a summer retreat in northern Manhattan. He fell in love with the place and returned two years later to purchase the property. What follows is an exhaustive photo essay describing the origins of Isham Park.



In 2013 the Oxford English Dictionary officially recognized the word “selfie”, but as early as 1913 Inwood photographer William Davis Hassler was perfecting the technique.

Inwood People

Lorrie-Goulet-and-Jose-de-Creeft 534sm

Lorrie allowed myself and fellow Inwood history sleuth Don Rice into her workspace to discuss her childhood growing up on 218th Street--just steps away from the pottery works.