1943 "Inwood Chatter" Advertisements: Now and Then

Inwood Chatter Cover, June 1943.

Not long ago I posted the contents of a June, 1943 issue of the “Inwood Chatter,” essentially a scrapbook put together by local schoolchildren and sponsored by local businesses.

While the topic of children living under the cloud of war is a fascinating topic, my attention eventually turned to the advertisement section at the back of the booklet.

What type of stores and businesses existed in the Inwood of 1943 AND what had taken their place when I revisited their former locations in the spring of 2012?

I hope these ads conjure up some memories from the old-timers out there.  Please feel free to share your own experiences in the area directly below this post.

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  1. Mr. Cole I love you for all these wonderful stories of Inwood.- Schillingmans ice cream parlor where you could buy a coke for 15 cents, put a quarter in the juke box and listen to a couple of records,- the Shwartz Jewish deli where the waiters (believe it or not) wore tuxedo’s. They hated to see us Irish kids coming in for hot dogs because we never tipped them and wondered why they scowled at us. Woolworth’s on 207th St. I would take $2.00 and Christmas shop, apron’s for my grandmothers, a rose that was in a glass globe for my mother,razors for the men. With my change I would sit at the counter and get the best hot dog I have ever had . No matter what you wanted, Inwood had it all.

  2. to echo pat farrell, bless you mr. cole for printing all these great facts about inwood. i am planning to write a book on inwood; just finishing up one on highbridge in the bx. what was the name of the ice cream parlor on 207 and sherman? (grogan’s? brogan’s?) does anyone know? remember the horn and hardart on dychman? best fishcakes and baked beans in the universe. i miss inwood so much; wish i could affored to live there again.


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