Hollywood on the Hudson: On Location in Inwood


Inwood has played host to a number of film shoots through the years. Here’s compilation of scenes shot in the neighborhood.


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  1. Hi, the Art Deco style structures behind the baseball fields and the Art Deco design of the bridge near the cove need to be maintained; lots of chipped paint, etc…Do you happen to know How residents of Inwood can help make that happen?

    • That’s the nature center. They used to have nature lessons and classroom space for children’s activities. It was flooded during Hurricane Sandy and has been closed ever since.

      I suppose you can pester the Parks Department and local politicians. There’s really no excuse for not rep

  2. The 1967 espionage TV movie, THE BORGIA STICK, concludes with a chase and shootout on the train tracks along Spuyten Duyvil Creek, with Inwood Hill Park very evident across the water.


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