Hurricane Sandy Aftermath in Inwood


Compared to the devastation seen in other areas the damage in Inwood was, thankfully, minimal in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Throughout the neighborhood trees were down, but despite the howling winds we never lost electricity.  Below are some photos taken the morning after.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the communities that were not so fortunate.

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  1. Thanks for the photos! I was still living in Inwood when Hurricane Gloria hit. The Hudson broached its banks and flowed a little way down Dyckman Street. Then I got the bright idea to go to Orchard Beach and see what it was like over there. Bad idea. I was almost trapped by the flooding. I and other cars formed a convoy and drove up an exit ramp and the wrong way down the Hutchinson River Parkway (?) to get out. It was the only way out. I recall the seagulls cavorting about in the sky during the storm. They’re good storm fliers. I also remember the shocked look on the face of a policeman driving the right way in his patrol car when he saw our convoy. He couldn’t believe his own eyes.

    Just before Sandy hit I went for a little hike in the woods in New Jersey where I unfortunately am at the moment. It was very quiet. There were no animals to be seen, no birds, squirrels, or even a bug. They were all tucked in their cozy nests and holes and burrows. Animals know.


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