Hurst House: A Forgotten Relic of Uptown’s Gilded Age

Uptown Video Exclusive: A History of the William H. Hurst mansion; located in the Inwood section of northern Manhattan.


The former home of William H. Hurst is located on Park Terrace East and West 215th Street in the Inwood section of northern Manhattan.

Enjoy this brief video history of the Hurst house.


  1. Cole, thank you so much for this video. As a 1961 graduate of the high school I had never seen the interior of the Hurst House.

    • Thanks for writing in. Please feel free to share some memories. Your comments add to the rich history of this old house.

  2. Cole thank you so much for this video. As a graduate of class of 68′ it is fascinating. I don’t know any of my classmates who know this story. I would like to share on classmates with your’ permission . Who owns the house now. It was the convent when I was there.

  3. How very interesting! I attended Gerard School from the 5th to 8th grade and graduated from there.
    Beautiful building! Wonderful experience and did not know the history till now which is so interesting. So sad that it had been abandoned in 1969.
    Thank u for the video…it brought back so many fond memories of my childhood.

  4. I just discovered your website and am so impressed. I was looking for historical photos or illustrations or maps of the Spuyten Duyvil area, dating as far back as possible, and found your treasure trove for Inwood and your wonderful videos. Of course, you do include quite a few Spuyten Duyvil references. Congratulations on a great site and for all the work you’ve done to spread information on the history of this area.


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