Inwood Trolley Ride


Click on the video and enjoy some eye candy from ages past.

A quick set up: The photos, from my personal collection, were shot by an unknown trolley enthusiast sometime in the late 1930’s-40’s. The trolleys in the series travel north, along Broadway, from the Fort Tryon area, past Dyckman Street and West 207th Street, and continue on until they reach the Broadway bridge in Marble Hill.

The accompanying Trolley Song is performed by Carol Burnett.

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  1. We lived on 196th street and would walk to Broadway to take the trolley to the Bronx. In the summer the cars had open sides with wooden benches. When I moved to Trenton in 1948 the trolleys were still running.

  2. I have a baby memory riding that trolley with my mother, from right where it is in a picture too. It was big and yellow and I saw it coming and when it stopped the stair came down with a big clank.


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