Science Fair: P.S. 52 in 1928


In 1928, Inwood, as we know it, was coming into its own. With two subway trains having now reached the neighborhood, families with children flocked to the area. At the time the entire region was a blur of activity. New apartment buildings were rising almost daily both east and west of Broadway. With low rents and plenty of parkland, Inwood was an ideal choice for many middle income families. In this below article from a 1928 edition of the New York Sun we watch as the students of P.S. 52 learn about ecology.

PS 52 kids from Jan 17, 1928 New York Sun Article

The text of the article reads:

P.S. 52, Manhattan, recently displayed a collection of nature study material representing the projects of about sixty classes and 2,500 pupils.  Emphasis was given to the plant and animal life of Inwood and to the rock formation that pupils see.

Special exhibits were a clay model of Isham Park by class 5A5; an irrigation system by class 6B5; a seashore scene by class 2A1, and Japanese gardens by class 2A4.

The four walls of the gymnasium were covered with charts on which were mounted specimens collected by the pupils. Many showed the stages of development of raw material into products of daily use.  The work has brought to light the exceptional ability of some children in art.”

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