Named Buildings of Inwood

A list of named buildings in the Inwood section of northern Manhattan.


Named buildings of Inwood

Named buildings are plentiful in the Inwood section of northern Manhattan. It seemed a worthwhile effort to compile a list.

While some of the buildings in this survey have their names clearly posted above the entrance, most are unmarked. The below list was compiled using old newspaper advertisements, real estate brochures and maps.

The list is a work in progress. Drop me a line if you notice a building I’ve missed.

Arden Towers: 31-41 Sherman Avenue

Augusta Court: 4848-4850 Broadway

Bakerfield Apartments: 600 West 218th Street (other entrance on 33 Indian Road)

Broadyke: 4761-4779 Broadway

The Brookford: 65 Park Terrace West

The Caroline Apartments: 210 Sherman Avenue

Colonial Court: 97-107 Sherman Avenue

Colonial Gardens: 4915 Broadway

Conrad Court: 618 Academy Street

Cooper Arms: 10-20 Cooper Street

Cooper Court: 55 Cooper Street

Cummings Hall (renamed Galsie Garden): 19-29 Cumming Street

Daniel Apartments: 98 Park Terrace East

Dikewood Arms: 200 Dyckman Street

Dyck Arms: 1825 Riverside

Dyckman Arms: 25-35 Cumming Street

Dyckman Plaza: 1-19 Seaman Avenue

Dyckview: 2-12 Seaman Avenue

Ellwood Gardens: 31-37 Nagle Avenue

The Embassy: 50 Park Terrace East

Frances Gardens: 73-83 Vermilyea Avenue

George Washington Court: 1-11 Cumming Street

Gertrude Court: 97-103 Seaman Avenue

Gibraltar Court: 40 Sherman Avenue

Grenville Hall: 5000 Broadway

Hanover Model Apartments: 127-135 Sherman Avenue

Hawthorne Gardens: 4861-4879 Broadway

Hazel Court: 530-538 West 207th Street

High View Manor: 10 Park Terrace East

Hillside Court: 25-35 Hillside

Hilton Court: 89-95 Seaman Avenue

Indian Gardens: 583-593 West 215th Street

Indian Park Towers: 579 West 215th Street

Inwood Arms: 1815 Riverside Drive

Inwood Court: 514-522 West 207th Street

Inwood Town House: 34 Bogardus Place

Isham Garden Apartments: 214th Street and Park Terrace West. Multiple entrances including entrance on Seaman Avenue. 222 Seaman Avenue also named Isham Gardens.

Isham Park Plaza: 5009 Broadway

The Ivy League: 675 Academy Street

Lavalette: 126 Nagle Avenue

Lorraine Court: 80 Seaman Avenue

Marie Apartments: 125 Seaman Avenue

Milborn Court: 65-71 Seaman Avenue

Nagle Arms: 59 Nagle Avenue

Nagle House: 250 Nagle Avenue

The Nethercliffe: 666 West 207th Street

The Park Hill: 235 Seaman Avenue

The Park Terrace: 45 Park Terrace West

Park Terrace Apartments: 100-108 Park Terrace West

Park Terrace Gardens: Entire block bounded by West 215th Street, West 217th, Park Terrace East and Park Terrace West

Payson House: 91 Payson Avenue

Piccadilly Garden: 114-116 Vermilyea Avenue

Post Lodge: 118-128 Post Avenue

Post Manor: 10-20 Post Avenue

The Randolpho: 272-274 Sherman Avenue

Redcort: 677-681 West 204th Street

The Rexmoore: 72 Vermilyea Avenue

Rodolph Arms: 611-613 Academy

Rodolph Court: 610-616 West 204th Street

Rosewell Court: 5025 Broadway

Seaman Towers: 100-110 Seaman Avenue

Serco Court: 4996 Broadway

Sherman Arms: 248 Sherman Avenue

Sherman Hall: 165-175 Sherman Avenue

Sickles Garden: 140 Sickles Street

Solano and Monida: 207-209 Dyckman Street

Terrace Garden: 189-199 Sherman Avenue

Thayer Towers: 100-108 Thayer Street

Thelma Apartments: 133 Seaman Avenue

Thelma Court: 610-616 Academy Street


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  1. When I was growing up in Inwood — that is to say, many years ago! — the building next door to ours, at 570 West 204th Street, had decals in the front windows (above the front door) identifying it as “Ritz-Carlton”! Those decals — indeed, those windows — are long gone, so there’s no longer any evidence of this; but perhaps someone has an old picture of the original front doors and windows?


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